Difference Between Sensorineural Hearing Loss And Conductive Hearing Loss

Human has ears to listen and understand different sounds. Human ears are consist of different parts, small damage in any one part of the ear can cause a problem in the whole ear. Because of a little damage, the whole ear stops working properly. Many people face a lack of hearing power or they completely lose it but they do not understand the reason of this problem. Sometimes when people feel a little bit pain in their ears, they ignore it and think that it is nothing serious; they do not understand that the little pain can be the symptom of a big problem, which can lead to hearing loss. Now a day’s people are using devices to listen to music such as headphones and earphones, and they keep the volume at a high level, which can be very dangerous.

The process of listening or hearing is not simple but in happens in seconds. The sounds enter in the outer shell of the ear, pass through three membranes, and reach to the brain. This whole process can be interrupted because of any reason. Wax in the ear or swelling in the hairs cells of the ear can cause interruption and a person cannot listen. There are different reasons that can cause interruption and each reason is being recognized with different name or disease.

There are two main types of hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss. There are many factors, which are causing hearing loss, but the most common factor is age. People with the age 65 to 75 face hearing loss. It can be by birth or it can also be genetic. Some people face this problem because of any accident. Some of the hearing loss can be treated by medicines and surgeries but some problems cannot be treated in that case doctors give hearing aids. These aids can amplify the sounds so that people with hearing loss can understand it.

Both types of hearing loss happen because of different reasons. sensorineural hearing loss is mostly happening in people with older age. It also happens because of exposure to sudden sound with a high frequency such as the sound of an explosion. It can also happen because of head trauma occur due to high-level sound. In some situation, people do not understand that they are facing hearing loss until it’s too late. There are many types of antibiotics to treat this type of hearing loss. The doctor suggests the medicine according to the cause of the problem. https://www.audiologyisland.com/ is providing the best care and treatment to people who are facing this problem. They are also providing treatment for conductive heat loss.

Conductive hearing loss occur due to head trauma happened because of head injury. This affects the outer ear. A lot of wax can also prevent the sound reaching the brain of the person. This type of hearing loss is treatable that is why it is being considered temporary. It can happen due to moisture in the ear or cold. This problem mostly happens with kids. Allergies in the ear also cause this problem.