Direct Primary Care – Saving You in the Long Run

In the face of skyrocketing health care costs, the market is responding in various ways from finding new innovations in medicine to decrease cost, to innovation in the overall medical practice business model, it is hard to find an establishment that isn’t getting creative. These adjustments benefit patients in most cases, and have led to the ability to ‘choose your own adventure’ so to speak and develop your own care path. One of those options is direct primary care.

Direct primary care has been compared to the, more-costly, market of concierge care physicians. However, direct primary care is often less expensive and more accessible to the average patient. This blog highlights some of the key components of direct primary care and its benefits for patients.

Most patients pay a monthly cost, similar to a Netflix subscription, depending on age and that covers most basic functions that people see physicians for. Most patients also highlight the fact that they can reach their doctor directly, talk to them about the issues they are having, and can get help or advice right there, as mentioned here.

The model is becoming so popular that the American Association of Family Physicians has adopted resources and policies to help physicians make the switch. Many family physicians are realizing that by cutting out insurance companies and going to a direct payment model they change their primary function from administration back to treating patients. Which is what many of them went into medicine for in the first place, and is like what Treasure Valley Medicine in Meridian, Idaho advocates. Regardless of your health care situation it is worthwhile to examine the option and see if it may be a good fit for you.