How to Achieve Good Health the Healthy Way

Good health isn’t something you can conjure overnight. It takes practice, routine, and it takes a great deal of willpower to ensure you are able to create a healthy lifestyle. It sounds intimidating, and it is for many people. Getting healthy isn’t easy because everyone fears something throughout the process. Some people find getting started difficult. Others are afraid it won’t work for them and all their hope will be for nothing. Others simply have no idea what it takes to get healthy, and many don’t understand what good health means.

What is Good Health?
Good health is not getting skinny or losing weight. Yes, losing weight is important if you are overweight. Being even just a few pounds overweight for your height and age can be devastating to your overall health. It increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other lifelong health issues. It even shortens your lifespan. However, good health is not equivalent to being skinny. In fact, many skinny people are just as unhealthy as overweight people. It’s the people who are fit that are the healthiest.

Good health is eating well and providing your body with the proper nutrients required to sustain you. Good health is also living an active lifestyle. You can be as thin as a supermodel and be equally as unhealthy as someone who weighs 100 pounds more than the recommended weight if you don’t eat a healthy diet or live an active lifestyle.

Fad Diets
Fad diets don’t work for most people. They get you started, and they get you motivated. Those who partake in these fad diets often plateau and become frustrated. They quit, fall back into old habits, and all their hard work is undone. Fad diets aren’t lifestyle changes. You can lose weight quickly by cutting out carbs, but can you live the rest of your life without them?

If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your diet and find your motivation, a 3-day cleanse is better than a fad diet. This helps you lose some weight immediately, remove toxins from your body, and it helps prepare your body for a major lifestyle change.

Eating Well
Eating well doesn’t mean giving up the things you love the most. You needn’t stop drinking red wine with dinner or eating your favorite cheesecake when you go to the Cheesecake Factory, you merely teach yourself to indulge in moderation. One glass of red wine around 5 ounces is perfectly healthy with dinner every night. The second glass is where you find yourself causing problems. A piece of cheesecake when you go to your favorite dessert restaurant every few weeks isn’t going to harm you, but eating dessert every night or eating an entire cheesecake will.

You should indulge in your favorite foods, but only in moderation. The rest of the time, you should use a healthy eating mindset. Eat lean meats and protein, leave out the starch 3 nights a week in favor of a second vegetable, and try new recipes so you find healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods. When you allow yourself to indulge on an 80/20 plan, you do yourself a big favor. Eating healthy 80% of your meals is wonderful, but you feel free to indulge the other 20%.

Active Living
No one is forcing you to join the gym and work out 7-days a week for 2-hours a day, but you must get up and get moving. Join a sports team, take a walk, or get outside and play with your kids or go swimming. Being active by dancing, moving, and having fun is being active. Sedentary lifestyles are dangerous, and moving for approximately 30-minutes per day is all you need to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle.

Jump start your new healthy lifestyle with a weight loss clean 3 day cleanse, and then teach yourself to make good decisions. Changing your lifestyle is the best way to change your life, and it’s the best way to make positive changes that last a lifetime. Don’t deprive yourself, but don’t give up thinking you can’t make a positive change for better health.